Welcome to browse this website. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you that when you choose to contact us or intend to submit a query, you may be required to provide your personal data, including without limitation: the type, subject and content of your query; your first name or family name; or your email address. Additionally, we may storage the data that automatically generated by the server when you browsing webpages or searching for information via the internet. Such data including without limitation: the IP address of your device, the time you use the device, the internet browser you decide to use, and your browsing and clicking history. Due to the fact that we insist to protect your rights and interests, and we hope you may use the services and receive the information provided by the APP with confidence, please thoroughly read and comprehend this Privacy Policy.

If you have any concern regarding the APP, this website and the content of this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.

A. The scope of this Privacy Policy:

The Privacy Policy applies to the collection, processing, usage, international transmission, and protection measures regarding your usage of the APP or this website. However, the APP or this website may provide links that connected to third parties’ applications, websites, or webpages. This Privacy Policy do not apply to such applications, websites, or webpages that operated by third parties.

B. The principles of the collection and usage of data:

  • When you use the services that provided by the APP, all the personal data, that you choose to provide or enter into, will be storage in you device (including without limitation mobile phone, tablet computer, or personal computer). The APP will not transmit any of such personal data to us. Additionally, to provide you with a better experience when using the APP, it may require you to permit it to access or use the Bluetooth or camera of your device. However, your data that collected or processed via Bluetooth or camera will not be transmitted to us either.
  • When you browse this website, we may collect your tracking data, including without limitation: the IP address of your device, the time you use the device, the internet browser you decide to use, and your browsing and clicking history. However, we will only use such tracking data as a reference to enhance the services provided by this website.
  • When you decide to use the interactive function of this website, e.g. service mailbox or questionnaire, it may storage your personal data that you provided, e.g. your name, your email address, your contact information, and the time you use such function.
  • When you decide to contact us or intend to submit a query, this website may collect your personal data, e.g. the type, subject and content of your query; your first name or family name; or your email address.
  • In order to provide our services in a more precise manner, and for the purposes of improving our products, expanding the scope of our service, performing audits, or other intention alike, we (or the institute you authorized us to assign) may statically analyze the content or result of the questionnaires or surveys you provided. Depends on various criteria, the statistics and description regarding the result of the analysis may be announced. However, the contents of such announcement will not contain any data that may be attributed to you. For further information regarding the collection, processing, and usage of personal data by each questionnaire or survey, please refer to the statement of such questionnaire or survey.
  • The period of the usage: As this website remains to provide service, we will storage your personal data. Unless otherwise specified by laws or regulations, we will storage your personal data as of this website cease to provide service, as of we completely reply your query with a reasonable follow-up period, or as of you request us to terminate the usage or to delete such data.
  • Cross-border transmission: In order to perform the contracts between you and us, or to comply with laws and regulations in your country, we may, in consideration of international trade or international operation, transmit your personal data to our server outside Taiwan. However, to ensure the security of your personal data, adequate protection measures are implemented upon the procedure of the transmission and in such server.
  • The object and method of usage: We will only use your personal data, that collected by the APP or this website, in a reasonable and legal basis. Additionally, unless otherwise specified by laws or regulations, we will only use your personal data to fulfill, or use your personal data in connection with, specific purposes, which you have consented.

C. The usage of Cookie:

“Cookie” is small amount of data that is transferred to your browser by a Web server. To use the resource of this website more conveniently, it assist you to record specific message. For example, Cookie may storage information that required logging in to this website, as a result, you may browse this website without re-enter such information.

This website use Cookie for the following purposes:

  1. To identify your identification and to communicate with you;
  2. To save your preferred settings and to offer you personalized service;
  3. To confirm the situation of your usage of this website and to enhance the quality of our service; and
  4. To strengthen the security of this website.

If you intend not to accept Cookie, you may disable it by adjust the settings of your browser. If you decide not to accept Cookie, you may still browse the website, in most of the situations. However, you may not use some of the service provides hereby.

D. Your personal data rights and how you exercise them:

In the event that you provide us with your personal data, you may exercise the following rights in accordance with laws and regulations regarding personal data protection:

  1. Right to inquiry and request for a review of the personal data;
  2. Right to request to make duplications of the personal data;
  3. Right to supplement or correct the personal data;
  4. Right to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal data;
  5. Right to request to delete the personal data; and
  6. Right to request the personal data in a commonly used and machine-readable form.

We will determine whether approve your application base upon the laws and regulations regarding personal data protection.

  • The method to exercise your rights:
    You may submit the application to exercise your rights set forth in this Article via sending an email, using specific functions in the APP, or using the “Contact Us” service in this website. If you decide to apply for the exercise of the aforementioned rights, we may request you to provide document that may confirm your identification. In the event that you appoint a third party to apply for you, a letter of authorization shall be provided, as well as the identification of you and such third party.

E. The influence upon your rights:

  • You shall honestly fill out all the columns regarding personal data. In the event that thorough and correct personal data is not provided, there may be some influence among you and us, including without limitation the connection, the provision of service, the identify confirmation, and the settle of complains.
  • You shall be liable of any damages, to us or to any third party, incurred from your incomplete or incorrect provision of personal data and you shall bear the damages herein.

F. The protection of data:

  • To protect your personal data, this website has implemented crucial data protection equipment and security measures, e.g. firewall and antivirus system. Additionally, only personnel with specific authorization may access your personal data. Such personnel is subject to a non-disclosure agreement, in the event that the agreement is breached, we will proceed in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • In the event that we have to perform an outsource and require other entity to provide certain service, we will strictly require them to perform their confidential obligation and implement reasonable information security measures. Additionally, we will adopt audit procedure to ensure their performance and implementation situation.

G. Links provided by this website:

When browsing this website, you may be linked to third parties’ websites. The privacy policy of such websites, which operate by a third party, is not administrate by us. As a result, such websites may not be applied to the privacy policy of this website. We recommend you to thoroughly review the privacy policy of such websites prior to the provision of your personal data.

H. The privacy policy regarding the sharing of personal data:

Unless specified by laws or required by agreements, the APP and this websites will not provide, exchange, lease or sell your personal data to other natural person, entity, corporation or official.

We may share your personal data under various situations, which including without limitation the following:

  • After acquired your prior consent;
  • Specified by laws;
  • To prevent harm on your life, body, freedom or property;
  • It is necessary for public interests on statistics or the purpose of academic research conducted by a government agency or an academic research institution, respectively. The information may not lead to the identification of a specific person after its processing by the provider, or from the disclosure by the collector;
  • In the event that our administrative unit determine that your behavior on the APP or this website violate the service agreement, may obstruct the operation of this website or other users, or may cause damage to another person, we may disclose your personal data to contact you or to perform legal actions, if necessary; and
  • It is beneficial to your rights and interests.

I. Children:

We do not knowingly collect personal data from children without appropriate parental or guardian consent. If you believe that we may have collected personal data from someone under the applicable age of consent without proper consent, please contact us via the contact information set forth in Section K of this Privacy Policy and we will take appropriate measures to investigate and address the issue promptly.

J. The modification of the privacy policy

  • The privacy policy and the content of our service may be modified or renewed from time to time, if necessary. However, any modification or renewal will be announced on the APP and on this website.
  • You shall install the latest version of the APP and accordingly accept the patch version or upgrade service. In the event that you refuse to install the latest version of the APP, not only you are not able to use the latest functions, the original functions may terminate either. Moreover, we are not liable to any damages or harms incurred by your refusal to update the APP.

K. Contact Information:

In order to protect your personal data and to maintain your online privacy, we formulated this privacy policy. In the event that you have any concern regarding this privacy policy statement or personal data protection measures, or if you intend to exercise the personal data rights stipulated herein, you may use the “Contact Us” section in this website or sent an email to: s Additionally, you may contact our customer service personnel (tel: +886-4-2491-2385). We will provide you with a detailed explanation. Should you believe that our service or this website have breached the laws regarding personal data protection and violated your rights or interests, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent authority.

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