About Us
Bonraybio is a team formed by the engineers & scientist with more than 10 years' experience in medical instrument development field. We are dedicated to the development of high-precision and user-friendly medical instrument and solution to assist to improve the medical quality around the world.

Recently, the aging population and the increasing number of infertility have led to problems in social, economic, and many other aspects. The population is a basic index to evaluate the competitive strength of a country. Therefore, to increase the fertility rate has become one of the important issues for most of the countries. However, most of companies are all dedicated on female factor, the research or solution of male factor are quite limited.

Therefore, we create the LensHooke. From 2016, LensHooke has developed and introduced its basic semen analysis, advanced sperm DNA Fragmentation and also the sperm separation solutions to the market successfully.

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