Semen Test Cassette

Disposable Counting Chamber

  • Optical Grade Material
  • Anti Leakage
  • Insertion Guide
  • Dual Drip
  • 4 Key Data Analysis
  • Easy to open
  • Safety & Simple


  • Product:Semen Test Cassette
  • pH range:pH6.0~8.0
  • Size:75mm(L) x 28.6mm(W) x 7.96mm(H)
  • Material:Polycarbonate, PC


WHO 1999 (4th)
ParameterReference value
Ejaculate volume (ml)>=2
Sperm concentration (million/ml)>=20million/ml
Total motility (PR+NP,%)>=50%
Progressive motility (%)>=25%
Normal morphology (%)>=30%normal
Leukocyte number (million/ml)<1
WHO 2010 (5th)
ParameterLowr reference limit
Semen volume (ml)1.5(1.4-1.7)
Total sperm number39(33-46)
Sperm concentration (106per ml)15(12-16)
Total motility (PR+NP,%)40(38-42)
Progressive motility (PR,%)32(31-34)
Vitality (live spermatozoa,%)58(55-63)
Sperm morphology (normal forms,%)4(3.0-4.0)
Other consensus threshold values 
Seminal fructose (μmol/ejaculate)>=13
Seminal neutral glucosidase (mU/ejaculate)>=20
Important for Sperm Analysis:
Before Collection
  1. Abstinence for 2-5 days.
  2. Relax and be happy.
  3. Collect semen in a comfortable room.
  4. Make an open and disposable container ready beforehand.
  1. Collect the semen by masturbation. Please prevent to use lube or saliva. If lubrication is needed, fluid without sperm-killing composition is recommended.
  1. Don’t use condoms for collection because the latex of the condom might kill the sperm. (Most of the commercial condoms’ composition includes the latex.)
  2. Try the best to collect the semen completely. (The fore part of the semen has rich prostatic fluid and the end part mainly contains the seminal vesicle fluid.). Incomplete collection might cause the false quantity.
  3. Don’t use semen with saliva as the specimen because the composition of the saliva might affect the result of the analysis.
After Collection
  1. Keep the semen at the temperature of 20-37℃.
  2. Make sure to start the inspection within 1 hour of the ejaculation.
  3. Make sure that the inspection starts after the liquefaction of semen. (Liquefaction usually complete after 30 minutes of the ejaculation. If liquefaction does not complete after 30 minutes, observe the semen again after 60 minutes of the ejaculation)
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