Win the Red Dot Award : Product Design 2017
2017, Mar
Specimen Container, C-KUP

According to WHO, more than 200 million couples suffer from infertility and male genital disorders also, over 30 million men undergo a Vasectomy every year. In total, at least 300-500 million semen collection cups are used during sperm analysis annually.

Current semen collection cups feature small openings and rough surfaces that often result in semen spillage while the male genitalia are often scratched. During the examination process, the container must be opened to retrieve the sample, often leading to undesirable odor and increasing the risk of cross infection.

C-KUP adopts ergonomic contour and large opening design to prevent error from occurring during the process. The innovative dripper design and flexible container material enable the medical staff to squeeze a small, fixed amount of sample for inspection. The unique V-STICK and concaved bottom allows for inspecting the semen’s liquefaction status.

C-KUP ensures a safer and more efficient inspection while complying with WHO’s regulations. It also eliminates the feeling of discomfort for the test subject, thereby comprehensively improving the quality of current medical examination conditions.
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